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Jamie's Projects

My main project at present is my own Jazz/Experimental Trio named 'Nugget'.  Another is my involvement with 'The Jack Tyson Charles Funk Band'.  You can follow my latest projects, including masterclasses and gigs I have with various artists.

Jamie's Work

Finding My latest Recording sessions, Tours and T.V. apperances.  You can follow who I'm playing with and where.  I'm always busy working on various projects so don't miss the chance to see what I'm up to and follow my current work.

Drum Tuition

An introduction to playing drums or to improve on higher levels including grades for exams.  I can help you to progress and grow efficiently as a drummer,  to see some of the topics I talk about you can check out my free tips on the blog page!

Nugget France Tour

Nugget France Tour

So nugget have landed in the south of France to a beautiful place called "Nice".  We have successfully played three gigs, to a very open and receptive audience, with another two more gigs to go.  Not only have we been filming and constructing our "EPK" but Nugget has been working towards recording an album, which will be released this coming summer.  We will be making a quick detour to Milan and Rome in the process for gigs and other exciting opportunities, so be sure to watch this space, for the soon to be released footage of our tour!  

Subdivisions Concept

Subdivisions Concept

A concept of taking a subdivision, (In this case a quintuplet) and trying to exploit it through one idea.  This is one way of helping increase your sense of timing and feel for a pulse.  Once you can do this, take the click off and just use your feet to keep time, then don't use anything except feeling.  The possibilities are endless, just try to be creative with what you have and force new concepts and ideas to push your creativity.

If you'd like to know more, check my youtube channel out!

Brand Endorsements

"Tama Drums"

I'm not currently Endorsed by "Tama Drums" but I've always played their drums, I really just support the sound they give me.

"Zildjian Cymbals"

Unique and beautifully crafted Cymbals. The honesty and truthfulness to the sounds is what I look for in a cymbal.