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Jamie's Projects

My main project at present is my own Jazz/Experimental Trio named 'Nugget'.  Another is my involvement with "Gabby Young & Other Animals".  You can follow my latest projects, including masterclasses and gigs I have with various artists.

Jamie's Work

Finding My latest Recording sessions, Tours and T.V. apperances.  You can follow who I'm playing with and where.  I'm always busy working on various projects so don't miss the chance to see what I'm up to and follow my current work.

Drum Tuition

An introduction to playing drums or to improve on higher levels including grades for exams.  I can help you to progress and grow efficiently as a drummer,  to see some of the topics I talk about you can check out my free tips on the blog page!

E.P. Launch!

E.P. Launch!

Nugget will be headlining on the 9th December 2014 at the Finsbury in Manor house, to realese there Up & Coming E.P.!!!  Two other bands shall be plauing as warm up acts to this night and they are not to be missed! Introducing, Kinkajous & Busto Power Trio.  This event will be hosted by the "Lost In The Manor" company.  To view the details of this show, please click the link below to find out more information, as well as attending the facebook page event via:

Jo Kelsey Album Has Been Recorded!

Jo Kelsey Album Has Been Recorded!

"..Smart, beautiful, and with an edge, Jo Kelsey's blend of powerful vocals and dark lyrical content bring around a new wave of emotional discord, trying to make sense of an uncaring world..."

I have just finished recording an Album for this wonderful singer! Watch this space to recieve links to downloads.

Birmingham-born Jo Kelsey started making music at a young age, playing piano and singing. With inspirations ranging from Etta James to Led Zeppelin and her classical training Jo creates a unique blend of soulful vocals, operatic outbursts and rock attitude.After moving to London to pursue her passion for music further Jo worked with a wide range of artists and projects. She also sang on many vocal sessions and took every opportunity to play and perform.After a couple of years in London Jo increasingly felt the need to get her own original music out there. This led her to start ambitious rock/metal band Kelsea. With Kelsea she brought together her varied music tastes to create a unique hard-rock sound that incorporated acoustic guitar and a soulful backing vocal section as main features. The band eventually split, but their sound can still be heard on a demo called ‘The Hidden Tapes’ (available on Soundcloud).In 2013 Jo recorded an EP with acoustic arrangements of some of the Kelsea songs. This EP, titled ‘Matchbox’, was released at the start of 2014 and is available on Bandcamp.

Nugget Album Has Been Recorded!

Nugget Album Has Been Recorded!

So! After a 17hr studio session in central Londn, we have finally come to the end result of our first Album!  Well, almost final, we still have to mix and master this Bad boy (.0) but, it will however, be a great way to appreciate the hard work, many hours of practice and dedication that has gone into this project.  We are so very excited to release our first E.P. coming in Decmeber, so just in time for Christmas! How weird is that? (Christmas Present??!)  Anyway, watch this space to recieve more info on how to download and buy this product as well as recieve some added extra gifts on behalf of us at the Nugget Crew.  Peace & Love!

Brand Endorsements

"Gretsch Drums"

I'm not currently Endorsed by "Gretsch Drums" but I've always played their drums, I really just support the sound they give me.

"Zildjian Cymbals"

I'm not currently endorsed by "Zildjian", however they are unique and beautifully crafted Cymbals. The honesty and truthfulness to the sounds is what I look for in a cymbal.