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Jamie's Projects

My main project at present is my own Jazz/Experimental Trio named 'Nugget'.  Another is my involvement with "Gabby Young & Other Animals".  You can follow my latest projects, including masterclasses and gigs I have with various artists.

Jamie's Work

Finding My latest Recording sessions, Tours and T.V. apperances.  You can follow who I'm playing with and where.  I'm always busy working on various projects so don't miss the chance to see what I'm up to and follow my current work.

Drum Tuition

An introduction to playing drums or to improve on higher levels including grades for exams.  I can help you to progress and grow efficiently as a drummer,  to see some of the topics I talk about you can check out my free tips on the blog page!

Nugget E.P. ON SALE!

Nugget E.P. ON SALE!

NUGGET CD's will be on sale from the 09/12/14!  We are having our E.P Launch on the 9th december in Manor house, the Finsbury in London.  For those who would like to purchase a copy of this E.P. please contact me via my contact page and we can discuss things further.  We have sent our music to be reviewed by "Jazzwise Magazine" which is looking very promising indeed, so watch this space to see what they have to say about the E.P.  As well as our music being launched we will also be making merchandise such as stickers, T-shirts and possibly hats!  We have a new logo being made and a website for Nugget in construction which will include all of our gigs and tours.

Link to the E.P. Launch on the 9th December can be found here!

Nugget is an experimental trio based in London, playing original compositions influenced by jazz, funk, rock and hip hop. This results in an intense wall of sound, encompassing structure, ambiance and lots of improvisation. for more infomation, please visit our facebook page at

Balcony T.V.

Balcony T.V.

Fronted by flame-haired eccentric English singer/songwriter, Gabby Young, this 7-piece band brings a fresh new perspective to music that has crowds in Europe, the USA, Japan and Australia jumping for joy.

Gabby Young was on track to become an opera singer until Jeff Buckley and the jazz greats inspired her to switch teams. Gabby’s unique perspective of the world around her is inspired as much by imagination as real events, but when thyroid cancer threatened to take her classically trained voice at the age of 22, she got serious about recording her stories. Using her recovery time to pen her melodies, Gabby took in global influences to fuel her heartfelt emotion, which shines through her beautifully haunting songs. ‘I feel blessed rather than afflicted,’ she says simply.

E.P. Launch!

E.P. Launch!

Nugget will be headlining on the 9th December 2014 at the Finsbury in Manor house, to realese thier Up & Coming E.P.!!!  Two other bands shall be playing as warm up acts to this night and they are not to be missed! Introducing, Kinkajous & Busto Power Trio.  This event will be hosted by the "Lost In The Manor" company.  To view the details of this show, please click the link below to find out more information, as well as attending the facebook page event via:

Brand Endorsements

"Gretsch Drums"

I'm not currently Endorsed by "Gretsch Drums" but I've always played their drums, I really just support the sound they give me.


I'm Currently Endorsed by "Vater" Drum Sticks, I've always used Vater because to me they are the best stick brand. Always consistent enough to meet what I call quality.